Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Walkthrough “The Ride”

Hey all! It’s Lego Pirates of the Caribbean! When you beat all the main story missions, collect all the ships in bottles, get true pirate on all levels, and find all the secret compass locations, you should have 84 gold bricks. Go to the Tavern in the main hub and build a mast from the gold bricks. The FINAL “final” level is actually a recreation of the Disney World/Land ride “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Beat it, and you have completed the game! Thanks for watching!

It just occurred to me…the background music has actual dialogue! Is this the first time in Lego themed history that actual dialogue was included in the game?

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  • Peter

    This level appears to be broken when playing on PC, when I get to the second area (after defeauting Barbossa) only 1 enemy spawns.
    I never get to defeat the Hammerhead, fight Davy Jones or enter the third area… 🙁