Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Tower Top With No Bricks Trick

I show you how to reach the top of the tower in the hub without the use of Gold Bricks or the elevator. For those who want to get Treasure X10 without the gold bricks. HOW TO DO IT:

1.) You need a female character since they can double jump. Can’t do it with a male character.

2.) Go to the left side of the tower and start jumping on top of the railing. This takes lots of practice but eventually you will figure out how to start jumping on the air.

3.) With practice, jump on the air and get about level with the top of the tower. Ideally, you want you character to be in a sliding position as if they were falling. I don’t think it works if your character isn’t in the sliding position.

4.) Press “Y” (for 360) and this can (it doesn’t always) catapult you way into the air. For some reason trying to change characters in midair can catapult you.

5.) The difficult part is the landing. You just need to try and land on top of the tower.

It’s a difficult trick, but can be done nonetheless. And I’ve done it three times so it’s not a fluke, it can be done with practice. Although, I would rather just play the game and enjoy it and earn the bricks anyway lol.

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