Do You Fear Death: Achievement Guide — LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

Do You Fear Death:

Unlock all the Flying Dutchmen crew characters

There are 11 characters that need to be unlocked for this achievement.

You will be able to purchase all of them, as they are walking around the hub/port, after you beat the second film, Dead Man’s Chest.

— Characters needed for this achievement —

– Bootstrap Bill Turner: He is automatically unlocked and owned after you beat Level 3, Film 2, The Dutchman’s secret.

– Davy Jones: Easy to find, easy to spot, really expensive. Cost 500,000 studs.

(All of the remaining characters needed cost 15,000 studs. They are all also usually found by water. So check the docks, beach, and the starting spot of the port for these crew members. Some of them may be on the seafloor in the water.)

– Angler: This guy is wobbles around and has a blue cap. Very common, but usually found near water.

– Koleniko: Has a green cap and walks like one of his legs is shorter than the other. Very common, but usually found by water.

– Jimmy Legs: Has a yellowish body and a black cap. Also carries a whip. Pretty common and found by water. So check the docks, beach, and the starting point of the port.

– Clanker: Has a fisher’s hat and wears brown clothes. Pretty common, found by water.

– Crash: Purple skinned body and scary looking face. Not as common as the others. Found by water of course.

– Hadras: Nearly impossible to miss, green skin, giant shell for a head, and uses two blades around his hands to fight. Pretty common character and found by the water.

– Wyvern: Oddest looking character in the game. Looks like C3PO and holds a lantern. Seems to come out during the night more often then the day. But is still somewhat common.

– Penrod: Has a crab arm and walks with a GIANT limp. I saw this character less often then any of the others.

Hope this guide helped!

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