Believing in Ghost Stories: Achievement/Trophy Guide — LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

Believing in Ghost Stories:

Unlock all of the cursed Black Pearl crew characters.

You need to unlock 8 characters.

All of the characters are unlocked and will be found walking around the hub/port after beating the first film, The Curse of the Black Pearl. You then need to buy them, every character needed for this achievement cost 10,000 studs.

— Characters needed for this achievement—

Jacoby- This character has a red cap and a long black beard. He runs around a lot and seems more rare then others. He has a bomb in his hand and you can hear the fuse.

Scratch- He has long blonde hair, common, can be found anywhere. But he can be found on the ocean floor at times.

Mallot- This guy can be found all over the place, he is very common. He holds a hatchet and has a typical pirate hat.

Koehler- The only charcter in this achievement that DOESN’T have a weapon. He has long dreadlocks and is pretty common.

Grapple- Walks around with a giant yellow grapple hook. Not a real common character to find.

Twigg- This character has a black close-shaved beard and a white beanie. Very common character, hard to run around the port for 3 minutes without seeing him.

Clubba- Bald man with a sword and blinding red pants. Pretty common and easier to spot out.

Bo’sun- Easy to spot, not easy to find. Seems to be a rare character. He’s a bald black guy, and he runs a lot… (That that hate crime allegations begin.)

Hope this guide helped!

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